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The Learning Center at Holy Rosary School

Serves students in 1st - 8th grade.  Students in The Learning Center receive instruction in a small group setting (4:1 student to teacher ratio) specifically designed to meet their individual needs and allow them to achieve their potential.  The curriculum is a multi-sensory, structured learning model and is delivered by teachers extensively trained in this methodology.

Students with language-based learning differences have difficulty learning in spite of having average to above average cognitive abilities and talents.  The Learning Center helps elementary and middle school students overcome their weaknesses and harness their strengths allowing them to reach their full potential in school and in life.  The Learning Center at Holy Rosary School gives children with learning disabilites an ideal educational environment that will empower them to become confident and academically successful students.


Goals & Objectives

  • Close gap between academic performance and student potential

  • Provide individualized muli-sensory instruction for developing new pathways for learning to read, write and spell

  • Provide students with skills and strategies to succeed

  • Enable students to experience success and to accept and value themselves in safe, supportive environments by educating the mind, the heart, the body and the human spirit

  • Teach students the strategies to become independent, responsible learners

  • Provide support and education to the families of our students

  • Integrate students into the overall fabric of the school community

For more information about The Learning Center please call 901-685-1231 and ask for Anne Gardino or Darren Mullis.

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Quotes from students in

The Learning Center

"I feel more comfortable about learning and experiencing new things.  I know if I need help I'll get it sooner."

                                               ~Megan, 13

"It's more fun learning in here.  Y'all have more individual time.  We all get more of what we need.  Instead of having 10 kids raise their hands and the teacher going to everyone and you have to wait, we get what we need with more teachers.  That's the way it should be"

                                              ~Charis, 11