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Always Ask Questions

September 21, 2021
By Meredith Gatlin

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.” 


Science is all about discovering the world around us. We are able to learn and gain knowledge of the world by asking scientific questions. The best way to foster scientific learning in a classroom is through active, hands-on learning. Schools can achieve this by conducting science lab experiments in the classroom. Students can find answers to questions through the use of experiments.


Science experiments help students discover new ideas. When conducting experiments, students can create alternative solutions to experiments that may have gone wrong, or to see if results of the experiment is the only possible outcome. By working through their different ideas they are able to understand the facts.


Experiments foster a space for children to exercise their curiosity. It gives them the opportunity to engage in explorations and explanations to questions about the world around us. Students can practice using evidence-based knowledge. They are able to learn how to find evidence and how to use that evidence to support their arguments.


These past nine weeks I have seen the students use their inquisitive minds when performing experiments. Whether looking through a microscope or studying the densities of liquids, the students are ready to ask questions and find the answers through an experiment. So for all my scientists out there, never stop questioning!

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