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Back to School Prayers

August 24, 2021
By Various Teachers

Dear Jesus, 

As the school year begins keep us safe at all times. Bless the children as they learn, play, and make new friends. Bless the parents that trust us to protect the mind, spirit, and health of their children. 

Help us to appreciate all of the hard work of those around us. Help us to do what is right, but not always say.

Give us the grace and peace to accept the days ahead with joy and compassion. Give us the strength to work with all obstacles put in our way.


~ Mrs. Kim Schadrack – TLC Coordinator



Come, Holy Spirit, fill the halls of our school.

Come, Divine Teacher, make a dwelling place in our classrooms.

Be the strength of our teachers and the inspirations of our students.

Fill us with your grace in every moment of every day, that we may learn all that You ask.

Teach us to love our teachers and classmates with Your perfect love.

Grant us the desire to learn and the desire to know You, who are the inspirations of every soul. Amen

~ Mrs. Laina Haff – Jr. High Religion Teacher and Miss Erin Haff – HRS class of 2014



Dear Heavenly Father, 

As we begin a new school year, we thank you for the opportunity to attend Holy Rosary.  Send your Spirit to guide our studies as we work to deepen our faith, calculate math, comprehend reading, discover science, explore history, and all the amazing things we will learn and do this year.  Give us wisdom, grace, patience, fortitude, and zeal as we approach our work as students, teachers, staff, administration, and parents.  

Turn our hearts towards you Lord and give us a spirit of gratitude.  Help us see the little things and respond in kindness.  We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

~ Mrs. Rhiannon Thomas – 1st Grade Teacher



Dear Lord, use my eyes to see my Holy Rosary friends.

Open my ears to hear my teacher's voice.

Open my mind to all of the new things that I will learn.

Let my heart remember that You are always near me in my classroom.

Help me to love my family, friends, and my teachers like You do.

I want to shine Your light so brightly at Holy Rosary this new school year.


~ Mrs. Sheila Balton – 2K Aide