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What it Means to be a Ram

September 10, 2019
By Carly Pirani

To be a Ram- What does that mean?

Well, my answer is biased because I'm the A.D.

I'll give you my answer and you can read it when you have time,

But to keep your attention, I will tell you through a rhyme.

When you are a Ram, you are part of a special team.

No longer is it "I" and "me", but it's "us", "together", and "we."

My definition of being a Ram, which I wholeheartedly believe,

Is that it's more than a sports team- here, we are family.

In 2014 I received a very special call

It was a man from Holy Rosary by the name of David Hall

He said he needed a coach for the sport of Volleyball

I told him I wasn't sure if I could 'cause I was very busy in the Fall.

I was busy with school and working two jobs, but I decided to give it a try

And the true meaning of being a Ram really caught me by surprise.

I started with a team of 14 girls, and I had never coached before.

I would ask them to give me 100% and yet they always gave me more.

I went from not knowing a soul at the school, to team celebrations at the Pine Street Pub.

I knew from that first team that this school was different and filled with all the love.


Just a few months after coaching my first Holy Rosary team

I was hired as Athletic Director and it's been better than a dream.

The involvement of the students here display that Rams are unified

The students here want to play for their school because they have HR pride.

Being a Ram isn't just about participating in the church, athletics, or school.

It's participating in this community that makes your heart feel full.

It's not about throwing money at something when you need to get it done

It's about doing the task together and making memories and fun. 

At times like the Italian festival, the Memphis community can see

The hard-earned results of Ram teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie. 


A wonderful attribute to being a Ram is our love for God and our eagerness to pray.

Before each game, the Rams will huddle around and together we say:

"What I can do, I ought to do. And by the Grace of God, I will do"

"For my God, For my school, and for my team" too

This prayer exemplifies that God is the foundation of what it means to be a Ram

Through God all things are possible, and the mindset of "yes, I can!"

The most important thing from this poem that I would really like to stress

is that the right definition of R.A.M.S. is Right Attitude Means Sucess 

Reluctantly Heading Back to School

August 12, 2019
By Christine Armour

Sigh. I swear it was just last week that it was Memorial Day weekend and I was hauling my MIF tshirt collection out trying to decide which ones I was going to wear this year. And now I’m hauling uniform shorts out of drawers and forcing them on a very resistant 9- year old only to find out that he had a growth spurt and the stockpile of shorts I had was all for not. Fortunately, the shoe store still had his Merrell’s in stock and we were able to grab the last pairs of shorts in his size at our second stop. A swing by Jerry’s as a reward to him for having a good attitude and a reward to me for the very same reason and we’re home. Mission Accomplished.

The one thing I did at the end of school year before mentally checking out for the summer payed off- I had printed out last year’s school supply list and when he came home with a backpack of school supply leftovers I highlighted what we now had and stashed them away in his backpack ready to go for the next school year. The school supply list may have some changes year to year but it’s usually pretty consistent so this small step saves me a lot of time and money every year.

I’d like to say I was one of those supermoms who meal preps every Sunday for the entire week but I spend my Sunday afternoons either at soccer practice or curled up on the couch with my dogs in bitter denial of the inevitable Mondays. What I do (maybe once a month), however, especially because my kids’ schedules require the planning skills of a D-day invasion, is make enormous quantities of spaghetti sauce, gumbo and crawfish etouffee to freeze in family dinner size portions so that on busy nights all I have to do is throw one out in the morning to defrost and then come home to reheat while making pasta or rice. I also keep the freezer stocked with pork tenderloins to be baked while we do homework or are preparing to go to practice. Brinner- Breakfast for Dinner- is a very popular quick, easy and cheap option. And my devotion to a baked chicken from Costco could be expressed in interpretive dance.

No matter how organized I make the practical side of the start of a new school year, I’m never emotionally ready.  I love having all my little birds in my nest and with one in college, one a senior in high school and one beginning fourth grade I greedily grasp onto each moment I get with them knowing how fleeting this time is. So we’ll probably hit Jerry’s again. And maybe Gus’ and Gibson’s as well. Take the pups to Shelby Farms to watch the sun set on the lake or even just float in the pool and daydream together about next summer.

Library Activites

March 20, 2019
By Nora


The students of Holy Rosary School celebrated Read Across America Week from February 25-March 1. This nationwide event celebrates Dr. Seuss and the joy of reading. On Monday, many of the students and teachers came to school dressed as their favorite literary character. On Tuesday we paid tribute to one of Dr. Seuss’ lesser known books, My Many Colored Days. Students were allowed to wear one colorful accessory with their uniform. The cafeteria served a very colorful and delicious lunch.  In the book, Wacky Wednesday, wacky things occur on every page. On Wednesday, the students were encouraged to come to school dressed wacky. Many students had a great time wearing their clothes backwards, wearing pants on their head and we even had a brother and sister who swapped uniforms. That one made me do a double take! Once again the ladies in the cafeteria joined in the fun serving hamburgers on hotdog buns, different shaped fries all mixed together and salad with popcorn instead of dressing! The main hall had many wacky things going on. There was a fireplace with Santa, Christmas music playing, a milk jug pouring ‘milk’ into a cup, one teacher was turned into a butterfly and another teacher was turned into Captain Underpants! Twice during the day, the students were interrupted by an announcement over the intercom instructing them to put down their pencils and get up and boogie. These music dance breaks were a great hit with the students. Thursday was our Library Fun Night and used book sale. I was dressed as Miss Viola Swamp, Coach Olswing was a Creepy Carrot, Mrs. Paduck was dressed as Peppa Pig and Mrs. Gardino was Cookie Monster. We all spent the first part of the afternoon reading our stories to the children. There were games for the children such as Ring the Gack, tic-tac-toe with green eggs and ham instead of X’s and O’s and a Fox in Socks game where students competed to see who could match the most pairs of socks. There were so many wonderful books that were donated for the sale. I would like to thank everyone who donated books. So many people got some really great books at awesome prices. Friday was Fox in Socks day. Students could wear crazy socks with their uniform. Throughout the week we had DEAR time. When the students heard a bell ring over the intercom they knew it was time to Drop Everything And Read. This year the search for Who-ville was a fun addition. It’s hard to explain how crazy the search was, so ask your child about the literary clues that led them to Who-ville. Students that found the ever moving Who-ville were given a Truffula Tree pen donated by the Mothers’ Club. The week was great fun for everyone.


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Catholic School Week Facebook Post Contest

January 22, 2019
By Holy Rosary
HRS Faculty Working on Art With Students

In celebration of Catholic School Week 2019, Holy Rosary School is asking that you post a photo of your favorite person, place or thing at Holy Rosary on Facebook and state why you love Holy Rosary School. Tagging the post with the hashtag #GiveHRS and the hashtag for your child’s classroom (see classroom hashtag list below) will enter them for a chance to win a prize. The contest will run from January 25th – January 30th. Each post counts towards your classes chance to win a pizza party. The class with the most posts tagged with their classroom hashtag wins. The winner will be announced on January 31st with the winning team getting a pizza party, and second place, an ice cream party.

Here are the contest rules:

  • Post a photo (favorite person, place, or thing at HRS) on Facebook between Jan. 25th - Jan. 30th.
  • Be sure the post is a Public post, rather than private.
  • Caption the photo with a reason why you love HRS.
  • The post must include a link to the HRS donation page. Found here:
  • The post must include the hashtag #GiveHRS and the classroom hashtag #(yourclass)lovesHRS [If you have more than one student, the post just needs each child's class hashtag to qualify.]
  • The class that wins gets a pizza party and second place an ice cream party.
  • The winners will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 31st.

Hashtag list for each class:

2K                         #2KLovesHRS

3K-D                     #3KDLovesHRS

3K-C                      #3KCLovesHRS

4K-D                     #4KDLovesHRS

4K-M                    #4KMLovesHRS

K-N                       #KNLovesHRS

K-A                        #KALovesHRS

1-B                        #1BLovesHRS

1-H                        #1HLovesHRS

2-Y                         #2YLovesHRS    

2-S                         #2SLovesHRS

3-S                         #3SLovesHRS

3-H                        #3HLovesHRS

4-B                        #4BLovesHRS

4-M                       #4MLovesHRS

5-H                        #5HLovesHRS

5-L                         #5LLovesHRS                    

6-C                         #6CLovesHRS

6-B                         #6BLovesHRS

7-N                         #7NLovesHRS   

7-B                         #7BLovesHRS

8-Y                          #8YLovesHRS

8-H                         #8HLovesHRS

Here's what teacher Anne Hogan has to say about Holy Rosary School: 

"I enjoy working at Holy Rosary because of the friendly and encouraging atmosphere.  I have found a place where I am able to explore my two passions… teaching and theatre.  I appreciate the trust and support of administration that allows me freedom in my classroom to truly be myself and bring my unique personality into my lessons. #GiveHRS"

HRS Faculty - Anne Hogan

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