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What have you missed most about Holy Rosary while we have been home?

May 19, 2020
By Various Students 2K-8th Grade

* What I miss most about school is walking into the classroom and seeing my friends and teacher. ~ Cooper H. 5th Grade

* I miss centers with my friends, especially playing Cool Math on the iPads! ~ Quinn P. Kindergarten

* One thing that I have missed about Holy Rosary is being able to interact with peers and teachers to better understand the material we are learning about. ~ Ava K. 6th Grade

* What I miss most about school is hanging out with my friends on the playground. ~ Matthew J. 1st Grade

* What I miss the most is seeing you all in person. ~ Alexis W. 5th Grade TLC

* I miss playing with toys at school. ~ Knox S. 2K

* I miss everything and being together. ~ Addie G. 2nd Grade

* I miss my friends the most and seeing them every day. I miss being present in a classroom and having the ability to communicate and learn easily with my teachers. As an 8th grader, I also miss having my last track season, the very last day at Holy Rosary, and the 8th grade walk. ~ Ava E. 8th Grade

* I just miss everything. I miss my teachers and my friends. I miss painting and drawing and having fun with my friends, I love them.  I love Holy Rosary! ~ Alfie K. 3K

* I mostly miss my friends, classmates and teachers.  I also miss specials and electives. ~ Whitman K. 7th Grade

* Oh, that's easy, I miss my friends and my teacher!! ~ Ella A. 3rd Grade

* I miss walking down the hallway and seeing my friends first thing in the morning in the cafeteria. ~ Judd L. 4th Grade

* I miss our room and our friends. I love our beautiful rainbows. It was really special. ~ Georgia K. 4K

* My experience with distance learning has been both difficult and rewarding. It has made me a better student. In the Zoom meetings, my teachers have been making things more fun with riddles and science experiments. I have also learned that to get good grades, you have to take responsibility for your work. In a family of 6, it can be a little noisy and distracting. I never thought that I would appreciate a (relatively) quiet classroom. I miss my friends and our jokes the most. I will look forward to returning to school next Fall. ~ John M. 5th Grade

* I miss specials, my friends, recess, and my teachers. ~ Charlie, Jack and Libby H. 1st Grade

* I miss all my friends, my classroom, and Mrs. Stephens. ~ Lucy L. 2nd Grade

* I miss walking down the halls, saying jokes and making people laugh. ~ Dqorian B. 8th Grade

* I do really really really love library class, so I might say that.  But I really do like reading different books and discussing different questions while I’m *at* school.  This is really hard!  Also, I do miss tests. ~ Maggie W. 3rd Grade

* We miss centers, the playground and our friends. ~ Mrs. Barbara’s Class 3K

* I have missed the fact that I can't see my friends every day walking down the hall and going to classes with them. ~ Anthony W. 6th Grade

* I miss hugging Ms. Nall. ~ Liam S. Kindergarten

* I am missing my friends a lot! And sleepovers. ~ Lissie E. 4th Grade

* One thing I have missed is eating lunch with friends. ~ Alex K. 7th Grade

* I miss seeing my friends in real life. Home is so boring. ~ Sadie and Sophie S. 1st Grade TLC

* During these 2 months of lockdown, I’ve been socially impaired. Not being able to go to school saddens me. I miss spelling, my friends, Mrs. Seebeck, recess, computer, the library, and Mass twice a week. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in the Fall. Stay apart, and do your part, for the safety of us all. ~ Taylor P. 3rd Grade

* Since I have been home, I have missed seeing my friends the most. ~ Ryan K. 8th Grade

* I miss jelly beans. ~ Palmer D. 3K

* I miss being with my friends and teacher at school. ~ Genevieve G. 4th Grade

* I like being home with my new cat but I miss all my friends. ~ Benjamin M. 4K

* The thing I miss most about Holy Rosary is the awesome friends and teachers I get to see in the hallways. ~ Annabelle L. 7th Grade

* I miss being able to learn at Holy Rosary in school. ~ Jane S. 1st Grade

* My at home learning process has been hard sometimes. I would much rather be at school with friends and teachers. My favorite part about all of this is that I get free time and I have been cooking a lot. Overall, at home learning isn’t the worst thing ever but learning at school is a lot better! ~ Hallie M. 5th Grade

* I would say the book sale, lunch and Social Studies. ~  Fulton C. 2nd Grade

* I have missed my friends, my teachers, and the wonderful community at Holy Rosary. ~ Adam K. 6th Grade

* I miss my friends and playing on the playground. I miss doing math with Mrs. Schadrack. ~ Carden W. 1st Grade TLC

* I miss the playground. ~ Fletcher K. Kindergarten

* I miss snack time with everybody. ~ Julius K. 4K

* What I have missed the most about Holy Rosary is all of my teachers and friends. I have missed them the most because this was my last year with all of them together and I didn’t get to have all the time I could have had. ~ Sailor H. 8th Grade

* I miss playing with my friends, being there, playing on the playground, learning, and my teachers.  I like the snow center. ~ Nolan S. 3K

* I miss the teachers because they are nice and also because they let us have candy for our tests. I also miss the playground. ~ Rush A. 4th Grade

* I miss seeing my friends and my teachers and I miss having a good laugh with my classmates. ~ Lilah J. 6th Grade

* I miss my teachers, Miss Young and Mrs. Gwen! ~ Jocelyn S. Kindergarten

* I miss playing on the playground. ~ Henry M. 2K

* I miss my friends and recess, but I don’t miss wearing a uniform every day. ~ Thomas F. 3rd Grade

* I miss getting to see my friends and teachers and having an organized schedule. ~ Abbey L. 7th Grade

* I miss my friends and Mrs. Stevens and the specials. ~ Lucas T. 2nd Grade

* What I miss most about school is my friends and teachers. I miss seeing them every day. I miss my teachers’ craziness and I miss doing stuff every day with my friends. That is what I miss most about Holy Rosary. ~ Lucy M. 5th Grade

* I am missing my friends and teachers and PE and sports and lunch. I miss being able to hug some of my friends and teachers, wishing for coronavirus to go away and never come back. ~ Elliana M. 1st Grade

* I miss all of it. ~ Hunter K. 4K

The More that You Read, the More Things You will Know

March 24, 2020
By Kelsey Bourquin

 Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  As teachers, our hearts pitter-patter when we hear this phrase because we know it’s true.  Students who are “true readers” tend to exhibit some or all of the following generalizations in our middle school classrooms:  
1. Strong, unique writing skills  2. Higher academic vocabulary  3. Faster and higher comprehension of nonfiction content reading  4. More creative  5. Can think within, beyond, and about the fiction books read and discussed in class  6. Can share their thinking about reading with partners, small groups, and whole class  7. Brings a plethora of ideas when it comes to a new project, task, or assignment  8. Scores high on standardized tests. 9. Not likely to be a behavior issue in class  10. Responds thoughtfully to written reading responses  
Being a language arts teacher, it has been my honest observation that students who like to read and are constantly devouring books show qualities from the list above.  
     So, why should we continue this love for reading as an adult? Reading for just 30 minutes a day has been proven to change our health for the better. I am not taking about reading an Instagram or Facebook feed; I am saying if you read an actual book. According to Yale researchers, not only can reading add years to your life but there are many more ways reading does a body good. A great novel can take you to a far-away place or a long-lost time, it can make you think and laugh, and even teach and inspire you. 
1. Reading can boost Brainpower- Becoming engrossed in a story has been shown to enhance connectivity in the brain, which improves brain function. Using MRI scans, neuroscientists at Emory University found that when a person is reading fiction, it stimulates and strengthens the language-processing parts of the brain. It also increases connectivity in areas associated with physical sensations and movement.  
2. Reading may help keep away Alzheimer’s- No matter how old you are, reading books can help preserve memory, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. Just like muscles in your body, the brain needs its version of exercise to keep it strong and healthy. Consider curling up with a book to be that perfect workout! Researchers found people who frequently exercised their minds later in life—by reading, writing letters, or visiting the library—had a 32% lower rate of mental decline compared to those who didn’t engage in such activities.  
3. Reading improves your empathy- Getting sucked into a good fiction book may make you more empathetic, or able to understand what others are thinking and feeling, according to research. One study showed that reading literary fiction, specifically, can improve your 
capacity for empathy, where reading nonfiction or popular fiction doesn’t have the same effect. 
4. Reading reduces stress- Reading can ease your stressed-out nerves by as much as 68%, according to reports by researchers at Sussex University. They found reading was more effective at fighting stress than listening to music, sipping a cup of tea, or even taking a walk. And it only took six minutes for the study subjects to relax once they started flipping pages! 
5. Reading helps you fall asleep- Experts agree that establishing a relaxing bedtime routine helps calm your mind and signal your body that it’s time for shut-eye. Reading is a great way to wind down—as long as you’re snuggling into an old-fashioned paperback or hardcover, not an e-reader or tablet. The blue light that’s emitted from electronic devices actually activates the brain and *suppresses* the release of melatonin—a hormone that induces sleep. Research shows reading from a screen can make it harder to fall and stay asleep, so stick to paper books. 
     We can all agree that a longer life would be great, less stress would be ideal, more sleep is needed, and having a stronger mind is necessary. So, step away from your computer/phone for a little while, crack open a book, and replenish your soul for a little while (at least 30 minutes).

What is Love? What Does Love Mean to You?

February 11, 2020
By 2nd Grade Students

Love means like if you love someone. And that person loves you back. And treats you fair, that’s love. And love can mean like you love your family. And love can be joy. – Natalie

Love is joy. Love is kind. Love does not keep recordings of wrongs that others do to me. Love means to be happy. – Scarlett

Love is a warm feeling inside my heart like a puppy or a kitty. – Lily

Love means happiness. Love mean you make other people happy. Love means giving toys to people who do not have any. Love means being kind to other people. – Kaylen

Love is happiness and love is joy. Love means spending time with my family to me. You spend time with friends. You have fun together. You celebrate your family’s successes. – Addie

Love is my family loving me. I love my family. My cousin loves me. My grandma loves me. I love my grandma. I love my cousin. My grandpa loves me. I love my grandpa. My friends love me. I love my friends. – Erin

Love means happiness. Love is a thing that makes people happy. Love is something very very nice. Love begins when people meet and then it never ends. Love is like a sunset. Love is like a sunrise. – Harry

Love means a lot to me because it brings happiness and joy. Love is amazing because it brings joy to heaven and earth. God has love, I have love, and everybody has love. – Logan G.

Love means to me that my mommy loves me and my family loves me and even God loves me. My 12-year-old brother loves me, too and my baby sister loves me, too. – Sofia

Love is joy. Love is kind. Love doesn’t want what belongs to others. It is a good feeling. Love is good to have. – Rafael

Love is happiness and love means happiness to me. Because you spend time with family. – Reilly

Love means gentle things like hugs and kisses and cards for the homeless and people in the hospital. I love what God has given us. He is nice. If it weren’t for Him, we all wouldn’t be alive. I love God. – Hunter

Love means happiness, kindness, niceness, and sweetness. Be kind to one another and bless one another. And be happy. – Molly

Love means kindness, happiness, peace, love and being sweet and being extremely nice to others. If someone is lonely, be loving and do something with them. If someone is poor, give them money. – Jaxson

Love is happy, kind, and beautiful. Love means to be grateful and God has love. I like love because people share love. I share love, too. – Declan

Love is something that your family desires. It means everything to God. And you love your family and your cousins and your friends but you still love God, too. – Tristan

Love means everything. Love means spending time together. Love means love is in the air. Love means giving. Love is kind. – Carter

Love means friends. I think love means nice. I think love means care. – Ethan

Love means friendship and I think you love your friends. And like you love God. – Joseph

Love means a lot to me. Love means happiness, joy, and peace, but the greatest thing that has love in it is Jesus. Jesus is a kind and loving man. He will do anything for his people and he loves them. They also love him. This is what love means to me. - Beckett

Love means caring to me. I love somebody and I will care for them. – Fulton

Love means giving hugs. And being nice and kind. And having fun with your sister or brother and pray and rest. – Lucas

Love is a Man named Jesus and giving. Helping others and the world. And caring for others. – Logan D.

Love is caring about friends and family. Loving each other, putting time into friends. Love is not just kissing is it? No, it is not. – Lucy

Love means you care. And you are kind and listen. And understand what people say. And that is what love means to me. – Charlotte

Love is being sweet to other people. And being loving to other people. And being nice, kind, and loving. – Matthew

Love means being kind to others. Love means giving to others. Love is not being mean. Love is giving valentines. My opinion of love is treating others the way you want to be treated. I think love is sharing. – Ruby

Love means caring, being nice, loving, and sharing. Love means helping the poor. Love means being kind and helping others. – Piper

Love means that a person likes another person. And it means that someone might get married. – Martin

Love means that people like you. And that people want to spend time with you. – Isabella

Love means that it’s a nice thing to do. To help somebody. To love the church. If somebody is hurt, help them. – Wyatt

Love is they kiss on the lips. They hug. They help each other. – Matthias

Love is that I care about love. Being kind and listening to what they say. If they are sad, I will cheer them up. – Gelan

Love is happiness. And it is like you saying you love your family. And like me saying I love my family and uncles and grandparents. And great grandparents. And puppies and kittens and dogs and cats. – Preston

Love is caring. Caring makes me happy. Everyone should care for others. – Audrey

Love means to be kind. You like somebody. – John

Love means two people really like each other. And that you have feelings for someone. And that two people care for each other. – Chase

Love means to me spending more time with others. Love means being sweet, kind, and helpful. Love means doing what other people want to. Love doesn’t mean giving people stuff. – Izzy

The Gift of a Catholic Education

January 14, 2020
By Janet Donato

This year marks the 46th year that Catholic schools, nation-wide, set aside a week to highlight and celebrate the gift of Catholic schools. From Sunday, January 26, 2020 to Saturday, February 1,2020, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Memphis, in Tennessee will join with Catholic schools across the nation to celebrate with special Masses, assemblies, and activities for students, parents, teachers, parishioners and community members. This year’s theme is “Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed.”

The Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee was established in 1971. Since 1971 our Catholic schools have served more than 352,000 students.  This year 5,210 students are enrolled in our 10 parish schools, Diocesan High schools and 3 private Catholic schools. The mission of our Catholic Church is the mission of our Catholic Schools: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always until the end of the age.” -Matthew 28:19.

A Catholic Education is an act of love. It is an act of love that forms the next generation of Catholics in our faith and tradition, that manifests a parents’ (and sometimes grandparents’) sacrifice and commitment that results in leaders who serve like Christ himself.  What an awesome gift to give to our children!

Meeting the New Year with Renewal

December 03, 2019
By Landon Boone

The new liturgical year started on December 1st, the first Sunday of Advent. During the season of Advent, we prepare for the Lord’s coming in Bethlehem. For the four weeks leading up to Christmas, our daily readings from both the Holy Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours will be excerpts and passages from Scripture that highlight Israel’s longing for God’s arrival and foretell the birth of his Son.

However, the first Sunday of Advent’s readings always pertain to the Second Coming of Christ. The purpose is to remind us that our Lord has not come once to never return again. Therefore, when we celebrate with a spirit of anticipation for the Nativity, we should harmonize that anticipation to his coming again at the end of time. Just as the people of Israel longed for God to come and take his place as king over all the nations, so should we long (as the new Israel) for him to return and put an end to evil forever. This also means that Advent, much like Lent, is a season of spiritual renewal.

“Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the householder had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have watched and would not have let his house be broken into. Therefore, you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at the hour you do not expect.” –Matt 24: 42-44

Our Lord reminds us that we do not know when he is coming back to judge us according to our faithfulness to him. Can we really afford to put off our striving towards holiness any longer? For the Christian man or woman, time is always of the essence. Let us approach the new liturgical year with a renewed sense of dedication to growing closer to God. We would do well to make spiritual resolutions during this timeframe in the same way we make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year.

As Roman Catholics, we have all the graces we need to begin our journey towards God. We have Masses being celebrated daily at parishes all across the city, we have outreach programs and charities that desperately need our help, and parish communities in abundance to pray with and for as we continue to spread the Gospel in our Diocese. We must keep in mind that the Kingdom is in our midst and that we have to make contact with that truth on a daily basis. As St. Josemaria Escriva once said, “Either we learn to find our Lord in ordinary, everyday life, or else we shall never find Him.”

I am Thankful for... Thinking Outside the Box

November 12, 2019
By 8th Grade Students

                I am thankful for WORDS because they give me a way to communicate with people. I can communicate with words through speaking, writing, and also sign language. Without words, it would be so much harder to express myself. I don’t know what I would do without words. Words help by giving me a way to tell people things and they make life so much easier. – Charlie Hudspeth

                I am thankful for PERSONAL GROWTH because it opens up the world to diversity and change. Personal growth can change the worst of people to the best of them. It can change the type of music you like and who your friends and best friends are. Personal growth has helped me personally a lot in my life; it has made me into who I am today and will continue to shape me throughout my life. – Adam Hendon

                I am thankful for PEACE because it keeps us safe. If there was no peace in our world, our entire world would probably be destroyed. Without peace, people would probably get in fights all the time and nothing would come easy. God fives us free-will so we can choose what we want to do. We should always listen to what God is calling us to do. This way, we will live a happy and delightful life. – Colin Prentice

                I am thankful for CHANGE because, without it, life would be incredibly boring. If everything and everyone were to stay exactly the same from creation or birth, no progress could ever be made. Change keeps me hopeful for the future and excited for newer, better ideas and outlooks. It helps me to remember that no matter how bad things can get, nothing is permanent. Because of change, I am able to see improvement always as a goal, and never as an impossibility. – Evie Messinger

                I am thankful for FUN because it brings a happiness into my life. I am able to enjoy things more because I do not have to worry about them. Being able to do fun things makes everyone and myself more lively and compassionate. Without fun, I would be stressed out and frustrated about everything. – Morgan Smith

                I am thankful for SEASONS because without them it would be cold or hot all the time. Seasons help us by letting us be able to experience different weather. Because of seasons, we have snow. – Mason Zemaitis

                I am thankful for MEMORIES. I am thankful for memories because I can remember things that have happened in the past. I can know the people before me through memories. Because of memories, I can learn more about my history and the history that was in the world. – D’Qorian Berry

                I am thankful for IMAGINATION because I’m able to express my thoughts in my head without being judged. I’m also thankful because I can think about a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense in the real world. – Jason Pina

               I am thankful for COLOR because color shows how unique everything is. Color lets people express themselves in many different ways. – Aiden Davis

                I am thankful for SUNSHINE because it reminds me that every day is a new day. I am also thankful for sunshine because it lets me know God has given me another wonderful day to live. Finally, the sunshine is beautiful and I love watching the sunset and seeing all the wonderful colors. – Olivia Wainright

                I am thankful for DIVERSITY because it lets people know that not everyone is the same. That we are all different. Diversity helps people stand out in a crowd. We are all our own person, and that is why I am thankful for diversity. – Zoe Crider

                I am thankful for MUSIC because I love listening to it in the car. I also am thankful for music because it helps me remember people I love and it makes me happy. Because of music, the world has sound and joy. – Guy Simmons

               I am thankful for EMOTIONS because, without them, I would not know how to react or feel at all. Emotions impact everyone and how they are today. – Carmen Mays

               I am thankful for MAGIC because it gives me entertainment. Because there is magic in the world, it gives the people of the world joy and happiness to others. – Dillard Shenoskey

               I am thankful for HOLIDAYS. A holiday is a certain day dedicated to spending time with your family and friends outside of work or school. I love how no holiday is ever the same! – Mary Rainer

               I am thankful for FORGIVENESS because I can still feel appreciated and accepted when I make a mistake that hurts someone physically or emotionally. Forgiveness can fix broken relationships. – Gannon Herndon

               I am thankful for TIME because I have enough of it to spend with my family. Time seems to lack in the present day and it is important to spend it wisely. Spending this valuable time with friends, family, and God are the best ways to spend it. – Nicky Valentino

                 I am thankful for LOVE. Love helps me and others get through tough times. The love of our family and friends helps me feel better. Love gives me hope for a better time in the future. – Marcy Bryant

                I am thankful for HOPE because it means there are better things to come. Wherever I am, especially if I feel burnt out or unhappy, things will improve eventually because of hope.  It lets me know that no matter how today was, there’s always a second chance tomorrow. Hope gives me a goal to work towards and something to be looking forward to. Hope puts me in the mindset to improve and try my hardest. – Camille Van Epps

                I am thankful for JOY because it makes happiness. Nobody could be thankful without joy, and the world would be depressing. Things being joyful makes the world a better place. – Robert Hutton

                I am thankful for COMPASSION because it helps me to be in other people’s shoes. Compassion is important because even if you are having a bad day someone might have compassion and want to cheer you up. There are so many amazing ways compassion can help you! – Ryan Kelly

                I am thankful for LAUGHTER because laughing is something I love to do. To me, laughing is a sign of joy and happiness. Another reason I am thankful for laughter is that it brings happiness and love to the world. Because we have laughter there are more happy people in the world. – Lilly Redeker

                I am thankful for PASSION because it gives me things to do and achieve. Because of my passion, I am different. – Michael Breheny

                I am thankful for LEARNING because it helps me prepare for my future. I am able to know more and more every day. Learning makes me feel joyful because I have the ability to lean about many different subjects/topics. Without learning I would not be exposed to certain things and ideas. – Ava Esteb

                I am very thankful for FREEDOM. I couldn’t be what I want to be or believe in what I want. America is a free country, and I live in America. Because of freedom, I don’t have to be scared of who I am. – Dominic Fay

                I am thankful for HOLIDAYS because of their ability to bring together my family. Holidays are often anchor-points to release stress and to add happiness to our lives. – Jakob Alperin

                I am thankful for TRADITIONS because most traditions include your family and friends. Traditions are fun! You can make the tradition better by adding more things to do with it. Most families have more than one tradition so you can experience more than just one tradition. Tradition affects me by going somewhere and handing out with family and having fun. – Carly Morris

                I am thankful for KNOWLEDGE because it gives me a chance to live. If I didn’t have knowledge, I wouldn’t be able to go to school to remember things. I need knowledge to remember important things and be successful. Because of knowledge, I am able to be successful in anything I choose to do. – Jaxson Myers

                I am thankful for IMAGINATION because there is no limit to anyone’s imagination. Without imagination, the world would be extremely boring. Anything or anyone could be part of an imagination. Imagination can give you a true feeling of your happiest times and moments. Imagination is like a dream that makes you forget about the sad times in life. It gives you the special power of expecting the extraordinary or the unexpected. Anyone can have an imagination because your mind is your only limit. – Ngan Nguyen

                I am thankful for THE UNKNOWN because it makes life worth living. It means there’s always more things to be learned, no matter how old or smart you are. Learning about the unknown can give us a sense of accomplishment by expanding our knowledge. The unknown makes life more fulfilling and mysterious. – Kaley Klucz

                I am thankful for CREATIVITY because I am a writer. Creativity gives my books an element of imagination that people can enjoy. Without creativity, my books would be boring. – Connor Duckworth

                I am thankful for FUN because if there wasn’t fun in the world, the world would be boring. When I have fun, I hang out with my friends. Having fun to me is being with my friends and playing sports. – Gabe Boyd

                I am thankful for MEMORIES because memories let me remember the past. Some people can’t remember things, I am grateful I can remember the fun things I have done. – Hannah Boswell

                I am thankful for PEACE because if we didn’t have peace, we would be a bad, mean world. Peace is good because we can be civilized people. Because of peace, the world is a very nice peaceful world. – Scott Young

                I am thankful for CHANGE because change made me meet new people. Change helps me discover new things. It also helped me to find new friends. – Jamill Valencla

                I am thankful for the SUNSHINE. The sunshine is important because it brightens everyone’s day and makes them happy. It also makes people smile, and it makes other people feel good. When the sun is out it makes us want to be outside and enjoy the day too. Sunshine makes the day happy. – Ellie Grace Stevens

                I am thankful for COMFORT because it helps people feel like they are safe. Comfort makes people feel loved and makes people feel like someone cares for them. Many people need comfort for many reasons. – Christy Estrada

                I am thankful for LIFE because it is the existence of an individual being or animal. Without life, nothing we know and love would be a thing. Because of life, you are able to have emotions. – Wyatt Vinton

                I am thankful for FREEDOM because we can live the way we want, we can play sports, we can go hunting or fishing, and we have the right to choose what faith we are. Freedom is so important because it can lead to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought. – Palmer Harris

                I am thankful for INNOVATION, as it gives everyone a better quality of life. Innovation is the pathway for the betterment of human kind. Innovation leads to groundbreaking discoveries, which leads to happiness and an ever-changing world. – Armando Zavala

                I am thankful for SMILES because on a bad day, a smile cheers me up. Smiles on peoples’ faces brightens the day and makes others happy. Love and joy are spread to the world through smiles. – Grace Denegri     

                I am thankful for LAUGHTER because it can brighten up any day. Even if someone is sad, a simple joke or funny memory can make all of his or her worries disappear for a little while. Some of the best memories are made while laughing. – Allie Boutwell

                I am thankful for COLOR because it makes the world look good. It makes everything have texture. Without color the world would look boring. – Joseph Russell

                I am thankful for MUSIC because of its power. Music can be an escape for the mind because it can say things that you can’t express for yourself. Music is a way to communicate and understand others because there are so many styles of it. – Ines Maske

                I am thankful for MEMORIES because they are important to me. They remind me of where I have been and how far I have come. Also, I love reminiscing on the good things of my past. Because of memories I am able to enjoy more. – Saylor Handwerker

                I am thankful for HOPE because it gives me positivity and happiness. When we have hope it is easier to succeed. Hope is believing in something great and trying to fulfill that dream. I am thankful that my family and I have hope. – Nazar Abushanap

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