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Gratitude Wreath and Gallery

November 16, 2021
By Kaitlyn Seahorn

Gratitude Wreath and Gallery

This time of year, our homes become filled with decorations and celebrations. For the Thanksgiving season, I plan on having the students recognize what they are thankful for! An easy way to incorporate this at home is to have your kids write down, each day, one thing they are thankful for. Begin by cutting out a basic leaf shape and writing down one thing they are thankful for. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around your child will have filled an entire wreath with things that they are grateful for! I am more of a visual learner so here are a few examples of the wreaths. 

One of my favorite art teachers, Cassie Stephens, is also from Tennessee. She has so many great ideas and one of them is a Tiny Gallery of Gratitude. Kids can fill in tiny picture frames of things that they are grateful for. There are also many books on the idea of gratitude that could help your student understand this term (that I have listed below)! Both of these ideas are a great way for all of us to sit down and appreciate the blessings that God has given us. I hope that both or either of these projects will help spark some creativity in your homes!

“Ten Thank-You Letters” by Daniel Kirk

“A Perfect Day” by Lane Smith

“Those Shoes” by 

“The Thank You Book” by Mo Williams 



3rd and up: 

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