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Why Do People Write?

Writing is very important to people all around the world. Writing is expressing your thoughts and feelings through words. Through written words, you can inspire others to try and write as well. You can even change the world through your words. People express their thoughts, feelings, and even fears through writing. Writing makes the world a better understanding place. ~ Charlie Henderson

Writing is critical in people’s lives. It is expressing oneself through written words made up of letters. When people write, they communicate without having to use their voices. By writing it down, a person can document his or her life and pass it down to others. People can express their imagination and creativity through writing. All because of the ability to write, people’s lives can change. ~ Maggie Wiggs

Writing is crucial for many people’s lives. Writing is a type of communication through written symbols. People can express themselves and their opinions by writing. Through writing, people are creative and can imagine a whole new world. People write to document their lives and experiences so that we can know what happened where they lived. To write is to give of yourself. ~ Ethan Scott

Writing is an essential skill that most people possess. Without it, we might not have as many technological advancements as we have now because most of them involve writing and taking notes. Writing is a direct interpretation of one’s thoughts into written characters used to state opinions, tell stories or just a way to express someone's feelings or creativity. I think by now most people have written something which again shows how important it is and why we need it. Most people now type things instead of writing on paper, but typing is also a form of writing. Texting is a form of writing that lets people who have long-distance friendships or relatives.  I love writing stories. Something about it to me makes it fun, and I love it. I know other people also enjoy it too, but writing isn’t just telling stories it can state historical facts and information about people or animals. Because writing was invented, we were able to evolve as humans and establish trading. Writing is so important because no one would be able to share ideas with one another without it! ~ Alice Hawkins

Writing is valuable for many reasons. Writing is expressing yourself through written words. Documenting helps people keep records. Communicating is helpful for people to help them remember. Telling stories helps people tell the past. These are all forms of writing. ~ Sam Duckworth

Writing is important to everyone. Through words, we can be creative and can tell a story through writing. Communication with words can help us express ourselves. Writing is sharing knowledge and can change the world. ~ Kate Murdock

Writing is the act of putting words onto paper. Most people write to inform. Lots of people also write for money, entertainment, or for creativity. People also generally write to show many people what they are saying and not repeat themselves. In conclusion, writing is a form of expression using an alphabet. ~ Asher Baker

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is putting words on paper. Documenting your words helps you remember things. Writing helps you grow knowledge. Writing helps you express yourself. People love to write. ~ Finley Balderson

Writing is a major part of people’s lives for many reasons. Writing is using letters to form words that express your thoughts or feelings. When people write, they can help people remember the past. Through writing, people can tell a creative story. With writing, people can share their opinions. Because of writing, people can make a difference. ~ Graham Maloney

Writing is valuable to some people's lives. Writing is communicating through written words. People can also write documents to keep track of important history and lives. Many people are more creative than historical documents; they could make a story up. The stories can be serious, fun, fantasy, horror, and many more possibilities. People can make other kinds of stories to express how they are feeling. Overall, writing is great! ~ Ella Adams

Writing is very important to all people. Writing is putting words on paper to express your thoughts and helps you communicate with another language. Writing helps save knowledge and information. Also, it tells a story of why things matter. You can express yourself with your emotions through words. Writing can help by making you more creative. Writing can help many people and that’s why it is so fun. ~ Emiliano Velez

There are many reasons writing is useful. People document their lives through writing which can be very crucial. When people write, they can feel very expressed. Through writing, we are able to be a part of another person’s life! The art of writing is amazing. ~ Elaine Gafford

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is putting words on paper. Documenting is important because it tells history. It is a way to express yourself in many different ways so that others will understand you. You can change the world with words. ~ Gabe Lanctot

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is documenting memories through words and helps people express themselves. Writing helps tell a story and can give people knowledge about others’ thoughts. Writing is a fun way to change the world. ~ Leonie Dalle

Writing is important to everyone and can be fun. Writing is putting words together to form sentences. Writing can be communication; you can give or receive knowledge through writing. Through writing, people can express their thoughts and opinions about things. This is why we need to write! ~ Miles Kirk

Writing is valuable to our lives. Writing is putting your thoughts as words. When people write, they are expressing themselves. People can be creative with their writing because we can tell a story through our words. Writing has changed the world. ~ Aubrey Brown

Writing is a valuable part of every person’s life. Writing is expressing oneself through written or typed words. Writing helps many people learn about history. Through writing, you can share your opinions with the world. It also entertains millions of people all over the world. With the help of writing, you can even change the world. ~ Jude Cuneo

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is putting words on paper to express yourself. Communication using words when writing helps others. People can gain knowledge by writing. Telling stories with words is a way to show writing is creative. Writing can change the world and how people see it. ~ Ella Joyner

Writing is very important to all people. Writing is putting words on paper. Writing helps us remember what we are getting from a store. It helps us to remember what happened. Also, you can gain knowledge through writing. We use writing in our everyday lives. ~ Anthony Mascioli

Writing is critical to people around the world. It is a way for people to express themselves through thoughts and feelings on paper. Written words help people communicate through anything they express or feel. Writing is a very expressive way of stating your thoughts on paper. When writing, people may gain inspiration, or thoughts on making stories of their own. Without written language, we would never know the beauty and art of writing. ~ Mckinley Doyle

Writing is so important! It is getting words, symbols, and numbers on paper so someone can read them. People can read others’ writing like in history books to gain knowledge. Writing can help us remember what has happened in the past. Writing can express creativity. Writing is important because it shows how we live and are free. Other important things come from writing like code, songs, and books. Writing is great! ~ David Harold Gwatney

Writing is important in people’s daily lives. Writing is communicating with written words. Through writing, people can gain knowledge. Writing can entertain people.  People can express themselves using their words. Writing helps many people overcome challenges! ~ Mary West

Writing is valuable in people's lives. Writing is communicating your thoughts through written words. When people write, people can tell stories. You can also document your life in writing. Written words can give people knowledge. Writing has changed all sorts of things in the world. ~ Sam Platania

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is the written form of an idea. Through writing, we can communicate. People write to express themselves. Writing helps make a name for yourself through creativity. Because of writing, people like you and me can change the world. ~ Stella Owens

Writing is essential to people because it is a way to communicate with people, Because of writing, books exist. Writing helps you to express yourself. When a person writes, many things happen. ~ Samuel Isaza

Writing is vital to people and the world. Writing is expressing yourself with words on paper. Written words can help people be creative. Documenting written words helps people remember events and communicate with others. Writing is life-changing! ~ Penny Soniat

Writing can be very good for people. It is very important to all people because it helps you express yourself. Communicating through writing is really useful because you might not want to talk. You can also document and remember things. You can write a list, or you can just make a ton of reminders. Writing helps you make a fun and creative atmosphere. You can do a lot with writing and typing; you can help people and even make someone's day.  Writing can help people stop being shy because they use written words. This can even be a great experience! ~ Blaine Johnson

Writing is important for many reasons. It is putting words on paper. Documenting your words helps others learn about history. Communicating through words helps tell stories. Writing your actions tells why things matter. You can make people laugh or cry with your words. Writing can make a difference in the world. ~ Caroline Lazarini

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing is putting words on paper. When you write it can change other people's opinions. Writing can help you with communication.  Expressing your feelings can be done through writing.  You can accomplish a lot of things through writing. ~ Colin Morris

Writing is crucial for many reasons. Writing is when people make words into ideas and sentences. When people write, they can show their creativity. Through writing, people can also learn about the past or document their lives. People can be remembered and express themselves by writing, too. Because of writing, people can change the world to be a better place. ~ Harper Walls

Writing is critical for many people or ideas. Writing is putting ideas and words down on paper. When people put their words on paper, it shows creativity to many listeners. Through writing, you can show opinions and emotions. Everyday people gain more knowledge and history through people's written word.  Because of writing, people discover themselves and their culture. Writing can change people’s hearts and minds. ~ Cooper Dunlap

Writing is important for many reasons because it is putting words down. It can help you remember some things if you forget them. Writing can also give you some examples of many things, you can help people understand. You can change things by writing a story. Showing creativity with words helps you show your imagination. All people can be creative with words! ~ Taylor Price

Writing is important for many reasons. Writing expresses people’s ideas in words. Writing documents help people know about history and help others remember things. People can be real or creative with writing. ~ Adam Macre

Writing is critical to people because they are putting words on paper. When people write they can express themselves. When people write they can remember their lives in the past. Everyday writing is important to communicate with each other. It is a great way to share! I want to be a writer because I have many things to share. ~ Jose Castro

Writing is crucial in people’s lives because it is communicating with written words. When people write, we can document the events of the past or tell a story as well. It can also inform people about things. Think of all the things people have learned from others’ writing. Writing is fun! ~ Thomas Fontana

Writing is important to people for many reasons. It allows people to put words on paper. People show creativity and express themselves through writing. Writing can help change people’s lives and opinions. Writing can be very fun and enjoyable. ~ Daniel O’Donnell

Writing is important to people. Writing is putting your words and thoughts on paper. Expressing yourself is something you can do through writing. Creativity can go a long way in storytelling. It is a way of documenting your story. Overall, writing is a way of remembering old thoughts and ideas. ~ Sam Bryan

Writing is important to all people. Writing is putting words and symbols on something to express yourself and how you feel. It can also be used as a way to document important things for the future. Writing can tell a story, give knowledge, communicate, and can do a lot of other things. Writing is a very important tool in daily life. ~ Harrison Edwards

What is so special about Autumn

I like playing in the leaves in Fall. My dad rakes the leaves and I only help him a little. ~ Palmer

My favorite thing about Fall is Halloween! ~ Maddox

I like making a big pile of leaves and playing in them! I like to go trick-or-treating and I like to dress up. ~ Karlee

My favorite thing about Fall is watching Halloween movies! ~ Easton

Fall is special because it is my birthday! Also, it is Halloween and because I get to dress up. Another word for Fall is Autumn. ~ Alice M.

My favorite thing about Fall is seeing all of the beautiful colors of the Fall leaves on the trees. ~ Alice F. and Miranda

Fall is special because it is in the month of October. It rains leaves, it gets really windy, and the trees blow in the Fall. It is also when I can dress up as Woody for Halloween! ~ Grayson

My favorite thing about Fall is playing in all of the beautiful leaves! ~ Emmie

Fall is special because the leaves fall down and you can catch a leaf when it falls down. It gets cooler, and we can go outside and play soccer, come back in, take a nap, and then go back outside to play and walk through the leaves to our friend's house! ~ Ben

My favorite part of Fall is jumping in huge piles of leaves! ~ Mary and Grace

I like Fall because the leaves are changing colors and I like that it's almost snow time. The weather is colder. ~ Emry

Confessions of a Preschool Teacher

What is it like to be a preschool teacher?  Oh, my, how much time do you have?  It is truly a calling that can only be answered by teachers whose passion is all about the little children and seeing them learn, grow and thrive.  I would love to tell you that it is all sunshine and rainbows, but it is not, and that is ok.  Preschool teachers know that every day won’t be a day for the record books, but it is those challenging days, the ones where you think that there is no way these kids and I are going to make it to May, that make the days of seeing a child's eyes light up because they got it, they understand what I am teaching.  Sometimes, it is just seeing lessons being implemented by the children on their own that makes it all worth it.  Seeing them sharing, communicating, playing, and being concerned for one another make being a preschool teacher so awesome.

As you probably know, being a preschool teacher is not for the faint of heart.  We have potty accidents, boogers, snot, vomit, and some smells that we never figure out what it is or where it is coming from.  We have tears, we have defiance, we have meltdowns.  But, even through all of the gross stuff, we come back every day and do it all over again, it is our calling.  Some things that we hear and see really keep us going.  Preschool teachers hear it all.  We know what you had for dinner, what you argued about, why you were late to school (the real reason), and if you said a bad word.  We also hear a lot of sweet things, like I love you’s, you’re my favorite teacher ever, and I want to stay here at school forever. The list goes on and on, but here are a few of the things (true things) that we have heard and/or seen in our preschool classes:

Rebecca Macy 2K:

Did you know:  preschool teachers get invited to parties at your house and your friends’ houses too!!!  Even on your vacations!!!!

Did you know: your children do not need smartphones anytime soon- they call you from the vintage Fischer price phones throughout their day!!!!!! They always have good reception too!!!!

Did you know your preschoolers have a lot of love in their hearts? They are known to say, “I love you 1 billion, one hundred 20, 6 million plus 10!!!!  That’s ALOT of love!!

Did you know they are very honest and observant- “is that a spider web in your nose?”  

Jennifer Lazarini 3K:

Did you know:  children will lick literally anything, and I mean anything?  I have had to say “stop licking your shoe” more times than I can count.  Hard to believe that so many are picky eaters!

Did you know that an unwritten requirement for teachers is being mind readers?  Students ask for farm animals on an iPad.  He doesn’t want a game with farm animals, nor a video or pictures…..we have to figure this stuff out!!!

Did you know that it is the little things that keep me going?  Seeing a child implement something we have been teaching all year, like how to come in each morning and independently unpack their backpack and put everything away.  Then to see them happily turn to a friend and help them do the same.

Did you know that children are resilient and want to talk about some of the hard things in life?  “Mrs. Jemifur (who knew the name Jennifer is so hard to pronounce?) my cat is dead, and so is my grandpa”.  There are no tears, they just want to talk it out.

Summer Bateman 3K:

Did you know fairies don't actually have tails? While learning about fairytales, a student said "but Mrs. Summer, fairies don't have tails!!!"

Did you know that some preschoolers have playdates with Jesus? During our religion lesson, a student said to me, "Jesus is coming over to my house next week."

Did you know that preschool teachers not only teach your children but learn so much from them as well? I have the best job because my heart is touched on a weekly basis! "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

Roxanne Doyle 4K:

Did you know the average four-year-old will ask 300 questions a day? You never know if the question will pertain to the lesson you are teaching or if they will ask you why they have pockets. Some of my favorite questions I have received from a four-year-old:
Why do we have elbows?
Why is it Tuesday?
Sometimes the question is just Why?

Melissa Wright 4K

Teacher: “Why did you just drink out of someone else’s water bottle?”
Student: “Because his water tastes better”
Teacher: “Why did you bring all of these Barbie dolls to school?”
Student: “ So they can get in the real pool.”
Teacher: “ What pool?”
Student: ......leads teacher to the bathroom and points to the toilet!!!!

Blessed to be a part of The ANGEL Program

My interest in The ANGEL Program began as an observer when I worked with preschool six years ago. Most of those years, an ANGEL teacher was present in the classroom. I was always fascinated and intrigued with the changes and differences that the ANGEL teacher made in the children's lives, in such a small period of time. As soon as the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance be a part of a team that makes such an impactful difference. ~ Mrs. Candace Davis

I am blessed to be an RBT with The ANGEL Program at Holy Rosary because it is fulfilling on a personal and spiritual level. Personally, my position allows me to offer support in an inclusive environment. As a parent to a child with ASD I know firsthand the importance and impact of early intervention. I also know the need and reward of inclusivity for all. As soon as I learned about the benefits of ABA, I know this was what I wanted to do. Spiritually, I am blessed to be an RBT serving at Holy Rosary ensuring that a Catholic education is accessible to all learners. There is no greater joy in life than to serve in a field that speaks to your heart personally and spiritually and that is why I love being an RBT with The ANGEL Program at Holy Rosary. ~ Mrs. Emily Corbitt

My favorite thing about being an ANGEL teacher is the people! In our program, we’re one big family. Everyone is so supportive, kind, and always there for each other and looking out for what’s best for our families and kids. In the ANGEL program, everyone helps out, and I think it’s so special how open and involved all of our families are. ~ Miss Julia Kersting

This program is special because we get to see our children grow and learn each school year. Even if our children graduate out of the program and or move on with a different staff member, we still get to see their smiling faces in the hallway! I feel like I make a difference with each child and I love that! I like my job because I also really enjoy the team of staff and teachers I work with! ~ Miss Grace Ann Thompson

Working with children has always been a passion of mine. I’m so fortunate to be a part of The ANGEL Program - I found the program out of sheer luck or should I say the program found me? Thanks to that luck and the support from the Holy Rosary community, I’m am now the program’s director. I am very blessed to work with our students - seeing their success with skills they once struggled with is what keeps me going on a daily basis. The ANGEL team we have created is one that I will be forever proud of - they are hardworking and special just like our students. Another reason I love my job is the Memphis Runs for Autism 5K. It is not only a fundraiser for the program, but it is also a celebration and an event that unites us all behind the mission. Every year, I am astounded by the community that comes out to support to our students, the program and our staff. This is why I do what I do! ~ Mrs. Emily Sater

What I like most about my job and The ANGEL Program is the unity amongst the staff, the difference we make, and the children. I appreciate how our staff is like a family; we show it by supporting one another and our children. It’s beautiful to see the progress we make with our kids and how happy it makes everyone: staff and families. We really are like one big family. ~ Mr. Danny Salinas


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Pretend to be a Time Traveler

December 14, 2021
By 3rd Grade Students

If I could go back in time, I would meet Elvis Aaron Presley. Hopefully I’d get to meet Priscilla Presley, too. ~ Jane

If I could travel through time, I would go to the Jurassic period because I want to find a Giganotosaurus! ~ Jack E.

If I could go in the future, I would go a few years after my children were born. I would stay for a bit, play with my children and have a great time. ~ Allison

If I could travel through time, I would go to The Garden of Eden to stop the first sin. ~ Ryan E.

If I could travel back in time, I would go to meet Amelia Earhart because I am obsessed with her. She is my hero! ~ Stella

If I could travel through time, I would go to Paris to see holiday decorations. ~ Carden

If I could travel back in time, I would go to see baby Jesus. I would love to meet him. ~ Libby

If I could travel back in time, I would go to World War II to sign up and face the horrors our country faced. I would warn people about Hitler. ~ Sam O.

If I could travel through time, I would go to the Jurassic Cretaceous Period because I want to see a T. Rex. ~ Cooper

If I could travel back in time, I would go to see when Holy Rosary was made so I can see it getting built. Because my grandpa built the Mary statue area. ~ Hannah

If I could travel through time, I would be a Samurai because I would like to swing a sword. ~ Crosby

If I could travel back in time, I would go to see Jesus as a baby and see Bethlehem. I would also like to see Mary and Joseph. ~ Charlotte

If I could travel though time, I would be a community helper because I can give money to the poor. ~ Hunter

If I could travel in the future, I would go to see my job. Also, to see my kids and family. ~ Bo

If I could travel through time, I would go to Nashville because they have country music. ~ Josie

If I could travel back in time, I would go to see the first president. I would warn him that people are going to attack. ~ William

If I could travel through time, I would be a veterinarian and help hurt dogs. ~ Sadie

If I could travel through time, I would go to a Bon Jovi rock concert because I like his music. ~ Genevieve

If I could travel forward in time, I would see if there are flying cars. It would also be cool if there are cities on clouds. ~ Ryan W.

If I could travel through time, I would go to D-Day to learn history. ~ John Isaac

If I could travel through time, I would be the Queen of England because she was known almost everywhere, and people would respect me. ~ Lena

If I could travel into the future, I would go to Tokyo, Japan in the year 5021 and see what the tech is like in that time. ~ Matthew

If I could travel through time, I would go to Jamaica to try different types of food. ~ Ellianna

If I could travel in time, I’d want to see what my job is, see if I am famous, and see my family. ~ Jaxon T.

If I could travel through time, I would go to the beach to catch fish. ~ Sophie

If I could travel through time, I would go to see dinosaurs. ~ Colton

If I could travel through time, I would go to the past to when I was younger because I want to fix my mistakes. But then I would come back to the time I’m at right now. ~ Brooklyn

If I could travel through time, I would go to the Titanic because I want to see the real ship and explore the ship. ~ Liam

If I could travel back in time, I would see baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and Adam and Eve. I really want to see them. I also want to fight the soldiers so they don’t hurt Jesus. ~ Charlie

If I could travel through time, I would go to Dallas to meet Preston Playz. ~ Riley

If I could travel back in time, I would go to when Jesus lived. ~ Samy A.

If I could travel through time, I would go to Jurassic Park because I want to see a lot of dinosaurs and play games. ~ Jack H.

If I could travel through time, I would go to Oxford and live with my grandfather and go to a Banjo diner with him. ~ Kately

If I could travel through time, I would be a Samurai because I can fight and learn the Japanese language. ~ Jaxon P.

A Lifelong Ram

January 26, 2021
By Darren Mullis

                                                                        A Lifelong Ram
                                                            What it means to be a Ram!

I have been a Ram since my family moved to Memphis in 1971 when I was a year and a half
old. Being a Ram has certainly played a role in making me who I am today. My first memories
of Holy Rosary center around Sunday school in one of the classrooms and sitting in the front
pew with my family during mass. With six children and my mom and dad, needless to say, we
took up the entire pew. Then, of course, there were the many stops in the cafeteria for coffee
and donuts after mass. That is where I first realized that my dad liked to talk. After waiting for
what seemed like hours we would beg him to take us home. But this shows that, even from
those many years ago, Holy Rosary provided these types of social opportunities for its families.
The adults shared their time together and the children did so as well. This is something that
has continued throughout Holy Rosary’s history.

Then there was the time my brother and I were waiting for my parents to get done with the
Science Fair by playing outside. Let’s just say I started kindergarten wearing a cast for a
broken leg. That experience taught me a valuable lesson; cars are big and heavy. But, that
was not the only lesson I learned during my time as a Ram. I attended school here from
1st-8th grade. During that time my academic foundation was solidified and prepared me well
for my high school and college careers. Whether it was Mrs. Ross in first grade, Mrs. Hill in
third, or Mrs. McWatters and Mrs. Fay in junior high all the teachers had a commitment to their
students and to Catholic education.

I can’t remember all the classmates I had over my time at Holy Rosary but they impacted
my development in different ways. The ones who were with me throughout our time at Holy
Rosary gave me a perspective on situations and experiences that helped me see things from
their point of view. It is an invaluable lesson to learn when you can see a situation through
another person’s eyes. There were great friendships that developed over those years as well.
That is another aspect of Holy Rosary that is so special. You will see many friendships
continue beyond the student’s time at Holy Rosary. The groups of friends I have encountered
as adults that formed during their time in school here are too many to count. It is a special
bond that was developed over many years and through many shared experiences.

Another lesson I learned from Holy Rosary came from participating in the sports program.
My many coaches taught all of us to show good sportsmanship and to represent our school
well. It also taught us how to have a healthy rivalry with the other Catholic schools; St. Ann -
Bartlett, St. Paul, St. Dominic/St. Agnes, and the other school down the road. The sports
program was another part of what made me what I am. It introduced me to different sports
and how to work together to make everyone better.

Fast forward a few years (ok, about 20 years) to the year I was named the principal of Holy
Rosary School, 2003. I had already been on staff for 11 years working with the youth and the
religious education of the parish, teaching some classes, and spent a year as vice-principal.
But being the principal allowed me to utilize my background and history at Holy Rosary. It is
that history that helped shape some of the decisions I’ve made over the past 18 years. I’ve
tried to merge our history and tradition with today’s educational model and technology to
enable our students to reach new heights.

We have always been taught that the “church” is the people not the building itself. The
parishioners of Holy Rosary make up Holy Rosary Church. Over the sixty-five years of our
parish being here many pastors, associate priests and parishioners have come and gone, but,
the great family environment has always been here. It is not one person or priest that makes
that family feeling. Each of us contribute to the specialness of Holy Rosary.

Each of us help to define what it is to be a Ram. And, each of us, once we’ve been adopted into this HR family
are a Ram and it will leave an indelible mark on our lives. Once a Ram always a Ram!

Happy 66th Birthday Holy Rosary School

October 27, 2020
By Jane Tonning

Happy Birthday Holy Rosary School…

Holy Rosary Catholic School was 66 years old in September.  In 1954 this new school in east Memphis opened its doors. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, KY welcomed the new students.

My life at Holy Rosary began in the fall of 1956. I was in a new city and a new school. I entered the same front doors by the office the children walk through today. After entering, I would turn left and go down the ramp and went into the first door on the right. It was Mrs. McDowell’s 3rd grade class, and she made me feel welcomed.  As all children, I was happy to go out to recess and meet my new friends. We walked out of the classroom turned right and walked about 15 feet and went outside. Yes, this new school building ended not far from the end of the hall ramp.

In only two years, Holy Rosary was already having growing pains. In the fall of 1957 Holy Rosary rented classrooms at a new school named St. Louis on White Station Road. It was exciting to ride the HR school bus to and from St. Louis for that school year. We left the campus at 8:15 and left St. Louis at 2:30. Yes, there was a HR school bus for early morning drop off and after school pick up for all grades. Eventually, there were 2 school busses.  In the fall of 1958 the 6 new classrooms were filled quickly.  In fact in 1959, my 6th grade was packed. The classroom was half 5th and half 6th with about 25 on each side of the classroom. The room was packed! But Sr. Bernard Joseph ran a tight ship and you could hear a pin drop anytime during the day. During my 7th grade year, a new building was added on the west side with a covered walkway.

After graduation from 8th grade, the Fr. Wiley Gym was added. The building was named after the first pastor of Holy Rosary Church. There was a convent in the area that is now called Spalding Green. The two-story addition of classrooms and library completed the school. Finally, the rectory was replaced with the newest gym and offices. The campus has grown over the last 66 years and with each addition student life was enhanced.

My years attending Holy Rosary were very special. Every day every student attended mass at 11am. I believe we all had our own personal missal and followed the mass written in Latin and English. The nuns and teachers wove our faith in every subject we studied. We learned about lives of the saints and were encouraged to do our best.

Even today I still see classmates from grade school. I know their children and now I see these old friends on Grandparents Day.

I have always been grateful for my Catholic education. Just like the parents of today, for 66 years parents have chosen to make the sacrifice to send their children to Holy Rosary. It is still a privilege to give this gift of Catholic education.

Thanks for letting me share my mini walk through my HR years.

Happy 66th Birthday Holy Rosary School and may you have another 100 plus.

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