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What have you missed most about Holy Rosary while we have been home?

May 19, 2020
By Various Students 2K-8th Grade

* What I miss most about school is walking into the classroom and seeing my friends and teacher. ~ Cooper H. 5th Grade

* I miss centers with my friends, especially playing Cool Math on the iPads! ~ Quinn P. Kindergarten

* One thing that I have missed about Holy Rosary is being able to interact with peers and teachers to better understand the material we are learning about. ~ Ava K. 6th Grade

* What I miss most about school is hanging out with my friends on the playground. ~ Matthew J. 1st Grade

* What I miss the most is seeing you all in person. ~ Alexis W. 5th Grade TLC

* I miss playing with toys at school. ~ Knox S. 2K

* I miss everything and being together. ~ Addie G. 2nd Grade

* I miss my friends the most and seeing them every day. I miss being present in a classroom and having the ability to communicate and learn easily with my teachers. As an 8th grader, I also miss having my last track season, the very last day at Holy Rosary, and the 8th grade walk. ~ Ava E. 8th Grade

* I just miss everything. I miss my teachers and my friends. I miss painting and drawing and having fun with my friends, I love them.  I love Holy Rosary! ~ Alfie K. 3K

* I mostly miss my friends, classmates and teachers.  I also miss specials and electives. ~ Whitman K. 7th Grade

* Oh, that's easy, I miss my friends and my teacher!! ~ Ella A. 3rd Grade

* I miss walking down the hallway and seeing my friends first thing in the morning in the cafeteria. ~ Judd L. 4th Grade

* I miss our room and our friends. I love our beautiful rainbows. It was really special. ~ Georgia K. 4K

* My experience with distance learning has been both difficult and rewarding. It has made me a better student. In the Zoom meetings, my teachers have been making things more fun with riddles and science experiments. I have also learned that to get good grades, you have to take responsibility for your work. In a family of 6, it can be a little noisy and distracting. I never thought that I would appreciate a (relatively) quiet classroom. I miss my friends and our jokes the most. I will look forward to returning to school next Fall. ~ John M. 5th Grade

* I miss specials, my friends, recess, and my teachers. ~ Charlie, Jack and Libby H. 1st Grade

* I miss all my friends, my classroom, and Mrs. Stephens. ~ Lucy L. 2nd Grade

* I miss walking down the halls, saying jokes and making people laugh. ~ Dqorian B. 8th Grade

* I do really really really love library class, so I might say that.  But I really do like reading different books and discussing different questions while I’m *at* school.  This is really hard!  Also, I do miss tests. ~ Maggie W. 3rd Grade

* We miss centers, the playground and our friends. ~ Mrs. Barbara’s Class 3K

* I have missed the fact that I can't see my friends every day walking down the hall and going to classes with them. ~ Anthony W. 6th Grade

* I miss hugging Ms. Nall. ~ Liam S. Kindergarten

* I am missing my friends a lot! And sleepovers. ~ Lissie E. 4th Grade

* One thing I have missed is eating lunch with friends. ~ Alex K. 7th Grade

* I miss seeing my friends in real life. Home is so boring. ~ Sadie and Sophie S. 1st Grade TLC

* During these 2 months of lockdown, I’ve been socially impaired. Not being able to go to school saddens me. I miss spelling, my friends, Mrs. Seebeck, recess, computer, the library, and Mass twice a week. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in the Fall. Stay apart, and do your part, for the safety of us all. ~ Taylor P. 3rd Grade

* Since I have been home, I have missed seeing my friends the most. ~ Ryan K. 8th Grade

* I miss jelly beans. ~ Palmer D. 3K

* I miss being with my friends and teacher at school. ~ Genevieve G. 4th Grade

* I like being home with my new cat but I miss all my friends. ~ Benjamin M. 4K

* The thing I miss most about Holy Rosary is the awesome friends and teachers I get to see in the hallways. ~ Annabelle L. 7th Grade

* I miss being able to learn at Holy Rosary in school. ~ Jane S. 1st Grade

* My at home learning process has been hard sometimes. I would much rather be at school with friends and teachers. My favorite part about all of this is that I get free time and I have been cooking a lot. Overall, at home learning isn’t the worst thing ever but learning at school is a lot better! ~ Hallie M. 5th Grade

* I would say the book sale, lunch and Social Studies. ~  Fulton C. 2nd Grade

* I have missed my friends, my teachers, and the wonderful community at Holy Rosary. ~ Adam K. 6th Grade

* I miss my friends and playing on the playground. I miss doing math with Mrs. Schadrack. ~ Carden W. 1st Grade TLC

* I miss the playground. ~ Fletcher K. Kindergarten

* I miss snack time with everybody. ~ Julius K. 4K

* What I have missed the most about Holy Rosary is all of my teachers and friends. I have missed them the most because this was my last year with all of them together and I didn’t get to have all the time I could have had. ~ Sailor H. 8th Grade

* I miss playing with my friends, being there, playing on the playground, learning, and my teachers.  I like the snow center. ~ Nolan S. 3K

* I miss the teachers because they are nice and also because they let us have candy for our tests. I also miss the playground. ~ Rush A. 4th Grade

* I miss seeing my friends and my teachers and I miss having a good laugh with my classmates. ~ Lilah J. 6th Grade

* I miss my teachers, Miss Young and Mrs. Gwen! ~ Jocelyn S. Kindergarten

* I miss playing on the playground. ~ Henry M. 2K

* I miss my friends and recess, but I don’t miss wearing a uniform every day. ~ Thomas F. 3rd Grade

* I miss getting to see my friends and teachers and having an organized schedule. ~ Abbey L. 7th Grade

* I miss my friends and Mrs. Stevens and the specials. ~ Lucas T. 2nd Grade

* What I miss most about school is my friends and teachers. I miss seeing them every day. I miss my teachers’ craziness and I miss doing stuff every day with my friends. That is what I miss most about Holy Rosary. ~ Lucy M. 5th Grade

* I am missing my friends and teachers and PE and sports and lunch. I miss being able to hug some of my friends and teachers, wishing for coronavirus to go away and never come back. ~ Elliana M. 1st Grade

* I miss all of it. ~ Hunter K. 4K

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