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Around the World

October 26, 2021
By Sarah Curtis

Geography is all around us! In 7th grade the students at Holy Rosary take World Geography. We learn to look at the world through “geographer’s eyes”. We look at how people and the world interact. We learn about the land features, water sources, economies, cultures, global connections, and much more.

One way I try to help the students connect to other places in the world is by having each student “adopt” a country for the year. They can choose a country that they have a connection with or just a country they want to learn more about. Throughout the year the students will create presentations to share with their classmates so that we can all learn more about places in our world. We always start with learning about 7th grade students in their countries. This helps our students make the connection that there are students around the world learning the same subjects, participating in sports and having some of the same hobbies or interests as a 7th grader in Memphis, TN.

As the year goes on the students will create other presentations on topics that might cover current events. When we have a presidential election, the students will share how their country elects leaders and how that country’s government is set up. When we are in an Olympic year the students will research about their country’s involvement in the summer or winter Olympics.

My favorite project is the one at Christmas. The students learn about Christmas traditions, history, and celebrations in their country. They also make an ornament that is connected to their country. It is always so fun to see the creativity of the students when it comes to making their ornament. We then decorate my classroom tree with these unique ornaments. I have students and parents tell me that they still put these ornaments on the family Christmas tree.

To celebrate at the end of the school year we have an Around the World lunch where the students bring a dish from their country to share with their classmates. The food is always so good, and the students enjoy celebrating their year of learning about the world. We have missed having the lunch the last couple of years, but hopefully we can return to having this celebration in the future.

Through these yearlong presentations and activities my hope is that the students will come to realize that the world has much to offer and that we are not all that different after all.

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