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What is Love? What Does Love Mean to You?

February 11, 2020
By 2nd Grade Students

Love means like if you love someone. And that person loves you back. And treats you fair, that’s love. And love can mean like you love your family. And love can be joy. – Natalie

Love is joy. Love is kind. Love does not keep recordings of wrongs that others do to me. Love means to be happy. – Scarlett

Love is a warm feeling inside my heart like a puppy or a kitty. – Lily

Love means happiness. Love mean you make other people happy. Love means giving toys to people who do not have any. Love means being kind to other people. – Kaylen

Love is happiness and love is joy. Love means spending time with my family to me. You spend time with friends. You have fun together. You celebrate your family’s successes. – Addie

Love is my family loving me. I love my family. My cousin loves me. My grandma loves me. I love my grandma. I love my cousin. My grandpa loves me. I love my grandpa. My friends love me. I love my friends. – Erin

Love means happiness. Love is a thing that makes people happy. Love is something very very nice. Love begins when people meet and then it never ends. Love is like a sunset. Love is like a sunrise. – Harry

Love means a lot to me because it brings happiness and joy. Love is amazing because it brings joy to heaven and earth. God has love, I have love, and everybody has love. – Logan G.

Love means to me that my mommy loves me and my family loves me and even God loves me. My 12-year-old brother loves me, too and my baby sister loves me, too. – Sofia

Love is joy. Love is kind. Love doesn’t want what belongs to others. It is a good feeling. Love is good to have. – Rafael

Love is happiness and love means happiness to me. Because you spend time with family. – Reilly

Love means gentle things like hugs and kisses and cards for the homeless and people in the hospital. I love what God has given us. He is nice. If it weren’t for Him, we all wouldn’t be alive. I love God. – Hunter

Love means happiness, kindness, niceness, and sweetness. Be kind to one another and bless one another. And be happy. – Molly

Love means kindness, happiness, peace, love and being sweet and being extremely nice to others. If someone is lonely, be loving and do something with them. If someone is poor, give them money. – Jaxson

Love is happy, kind, and beautiful. Love means to be grateful and God has love. I like love because people share love. I share love, too. – Declan

Love is something that your family desires. It means everything to God. And you love your family and your cousins and your friends but you still love God, too. – Tristan

Love means everything. Love means spending time together. Love means love is in the air. Love means giving. Love is kind. – Carter

Love means friends. I think love means nice. I think love means care. – Ethan

Love means friendship and I think you love your friends. And like you love God. – Joseph

Love means a lot to me. Love means happiness, joy, and peace, but the greatest thing that has love in it is Jesus. Jesus is a kind and loving man. He will do anything for his people and he loves them. They also love him. This is what love means to me. - Beckett

Love means caring to me. I love somebody and I will care for them. – Fulton

Love means giving hugs. And being nice and kind. And having fun with your sister or brother and pray and rest. – Lucas

Love is a Man named Jesus and giving. Helping others and the world. And caring for others. – Logan D.

Love is caring about friends and family. Loving each other, putting time into friends. Love is not just kissing is it? No, it is not. – Lucy

Love means you care. And you are kind and listen. And understand what people say. And that is what love means to me. – Charlotte

Love is being sweet to other people. And being loving to other people. And being nice, kind, and loving. – Matthew

Love means being kind to others. Love means giving to others. Love is not being mean. Love is giving valentines. My opinion of love is treating others the way you want to be treated. I think love is sharing. – Ruby

Love means caring, being nice, loving, and sharing. Love means helping the poor. Love means being kind and helping others. – Piper

Love means that a person likes another person. And it means that someone might get married. – Martin

Love means that people like you. And that people want to spend time with you. – Isabella

Love means that it’s a nice thing to do. To help somebody. To love the church. If somebody is hurt, help them. – Wyatt

Love is they kiss on the lips. They hug. They help each other. – Matthias

Love is that I care about love. Being kind and listening to what they say. If they are sad, I will cheer them up. – Gelan

Love is happiness. And it is like you saying you love your family. And like me saying I love my family and uncles and grandparents. And great grandparents. And puppies and kittens and dogs and cats. – Preston

Love is caring. Caring makes me happy. Everyone should care for others. – Audrey

Love means to be kind. You like somebody. – John

Love means two people really like each other. And that you have feelings for someone. And that two people care for each other. – Chase

Love means to me spending more time with others. Love means being sweet, kind, and helpful. Love means doing what other people want to. Love doesn’t mean giving people stuff. – Izzy