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Catholic School Week Facebook Post Contest

January 22, 2019
By Holy Rosary
HRS Faculty Working on Art With Students

In celebration of Catholic School Week 2019, Holy Rosary School is asking that you post a photo of your favorite person, place or thing at Holy Rosary on Facebook and state why you love Holy Rosary School. Tagging the post with the hashtag #GiveHRS and the hashtag for your child’s classroom (see classroom hashtag list below) will enter them for a chance to win a prize. The contest will run from January 25th – January 30th. Each post counts towards your classes chance to win a pizza party. The class with the most posts tagged with their classroom hashtag wins. The winner will be announced on January 31st with the winning team getting a pizza party, and second place, an ice cream party.

Here are the contest rules:

  • Post a photo (favorite person, place, or thing at HRS) on Facebook between Jan. 25th - Jan. 30th.
  • Be sure the post is a Public post, rather than private.
  • Caption the photo with a reason why you love HRS.
  • The post must include a link to the HRS donation page. Found here:
  • The post must include the hashtag #GiveHRS and the classroom hashtag #(yourclass)lovesHRS [If you have more than one student, the post just needs each child's class hashtag to qualify.]
  • The class that wins gets a pizza party and second place an ice cream party.
  • The winners will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 31st.

Hashtag list for each class:

2K                         #2KLovesHRS

3K-D                     #3KDLovesHRS

3K-C                      #3KCLovesHRS

4K-D                     #4KDLovesHRS

4K-M                    #4KMLovesHRS

K-N                       #KNLovesHRS

K-A                        #KALovesHRS

1-B                        #1BLovesHRS

1-H                        #1HLovesHRS

2-Y                         #2YLovesHRS    

2-S                         #2SLovesHRS

3-S                         #3SLovesHRS

3-H                        #3HLovesHRS

4-B                        #4BLovesHRS

4-M                       #4MLovesHRS

5-H                        #5HLovesHRS

5-L                         #5LLovesHRS                    

6-C                         #6CLovesHRS

6-B                         #6BLovesHRS

7-N                         #7NLovesHRS   

7-B                         #7BLovesHRS

8-Y                          #8YLovesHRS

8-H                         #8HLovesHRS

Here's what teacher Anne Hogan has to say about Holy Rosary School: 

"I enjoy working at Holy Rosary because of the friendly and encouraging atmosphere.  I have found a place where I am able to explore my two passions… teaching and theatre.  I appreciate the trust and support of administration that allows me freedom in my classroom to truly be myself and bring my unique personality into my lessons. #GiveHRS"

HRS Faculty - Anne Hogan

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