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To Be a Ram

February 20, 2020
By Holy Rosary Catholic School

To be a Ram- What does that mean?

Well, my answer is biased because I'm the A.D.

I'll give you my answer and you can read it when you have time,

But to keep your attention, I will tell you through a rhyme.

When you are a Ram, you are part of a special team.

No longer is it "I" and "me", but it's "us", "together", and "we."

My definition of being a Ram, which I wholeheartedly believe,

Is that it's more than a sports team- here, we are family.

In 2014 I received a very special call

It was a man from Holy Rosary by the name of David Hall

He said he needed a coach for the sport of Volleyball

I told him I wasn't sure if I could 'cause I was very busy in the Fall.

I was busy with school and working two jobs, but I decided to give it a try

And the true meaning of being a Ram really caught me by surprise.

I started with a team of 14 girls, and I had never coached before.

I would ask them to give me 100% and yet they always gave me more.

I went from not knowing a soul at the school, to team celebrations at the Pine Street Pub.

I knew from that first team that this school was different and filled with all the love.


Just a few months after coaching my first Holy Rosary team

I was hired as Athletic Director and it's been better than a dream.

The involvement of the students here display that Rams are unified

The students here want to play for their school because they have HR pride.

Being a Ram isn't just about participating in the church, athletics, or school.

It's participating in this community that makes your heart feel full.

It's not about throwing money at something when you need to get it done

It's about doing the task together and making memories and fun. 

At times like the Italian festival, the Memphis community can see

The hard-earned results of Ram teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie. 


A wonderful attribute to being a Ram is our love for God and our eagerness to pray.

Before each game, the Rams will huddle around and together we say:

"What I can do, I ought to do. And by the Grace of God, I will do"

"For my God, For my school, and for my team" too

This prayer exemplifies that God is the foundation of what it means to be a Ram

Through God all things are possible, and the mindset of "yes, I can!"

The most important thing from this poem that I would really like to stress

is that the right definition of R.A.M.S. is Right Attitude Means Sucess