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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Holy Rosary School!

Holy Rosary is a special place that serves students of many different backgrounds, abilities and personalities.  The best part of being here is that you will feel like you are a part of a big family that works together for the benefit of our children.  It is great to see our students grow each year as they transition from grade to grade.  The friendships that are developed over the years can last a lifetime.

One of the benefits of having our children in a Catholic School is the advantage of living and teaching our faith on a daily basis. The Catholic Church believes that the first teachers of the faith are a child’s parents and that the church works in partnership with the parents to teach the faith.  We can call upon God to help us teach our children what it means to build up the body of Christ.  We have the opportunity to use Jesus as the perfect example about how to live our lives.  Our children deserve to be given all the tools necessary to make wise decisions in life.  Two of the most valuable tools they can have are the teachings of Jesus and positive role models such as their parents and teachers.  At Holy Rosary School we work together with the parents to give the students these tools and help them to become men and women that will make us proud.  

Early in our students' journey through Holy Rosary we teach them about respect.  Students need to respect their classmates to provide a strong foundation on which they can develop good relationships. 

They need to respect their teachers, which allows the teachers to teach to the best of their abilities and reach all of their students.  Students need to respect their education by being prepared for class, working hard in the classroom and by being diligent in their studies at home.  Lastly, students need to respect themselves.  If we do not respect ourselves it it makes it difficult to be successful in what we do.

I hope your enjoy your time at Holy Rosary no matter the length of your stay.  We are happy to have you as part of the history of Holy Rosary School. 


Darren Mullis
Holy Rosary School



Darren Mullis, Principal

Holy Rosary School

Mr. Mullis has been a part of Holy Rosary since his earliest memories.  At two years of age he started attending church at Holy Rosary with his parents and five siblings.  He attended school here from 1st through 8th grade and enjoyed being a Ram throughout those years.  In 1986, he graduated from Christian Brothers High School and continued his education at the University of Tennessee-Martin, where he met his wife Betty Ann. He received a BS in Education and returned home and began his next journey at Holy Rosary.

While serving as Youth Director, Director of Religious Education and teacher at Holy Rosary he completed his Master of Arts in Religion from Memphis Theological Seminary. During this time he also completed the Leadership Academy through the Education department of the Diocese of Memphis.  

In 2003, Mr. Mullis was appointed the Principal of Holy Rosary. During his time as Principal, he has directed the school through many changes and additions.  The guiding principles for Mr. Mullis when making any changes or additions is; does it help us to serve all of God’s children and does it follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Now, Mr. Mullis has the opportunity to share his love of Holy Rosary with his wife and children, Lucy and Maddia, as they are also members of the church and school.  Being a part of Holy Rosary for close to 50 years has made a great impact on him and helped him to achieve many of the goals he set in life.