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Fine Arts

In addition to our strong academic curriculum the students at Holy Rosary also receive an equally strong education in the Fine Arts.  Beginning in our 2K preschool class and continuing through middle school the students attend Art, PE, Music, Coding and Library weekly.  In addition, the middle school students have the opportunity to have an elective and add an additional specialty class to their schedule.


Students work with different art mediums throughout the year to create wonderful pieces of art. Several students participate in local art contests within the community and Holy Rosary can boast that we have some talented artists within our walls.


The Music department puts on two shows a year that include all students from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Students have the chance to play different instruments in class and learn about a wide range of music.


Specialty Classes

Coding Lab

The Coding Lab offers STEM-focused coding and computer science classes. From pre-coding to programming the classes are designed to teach real coding concepts and skills in a fun way. 

By using a project-based learning curriculum, students will learn to create their own programs, such as simple games, animations, and interactive stories. This, in turn, will help to enhance important life skills, such as problem solving, critical and computational thinking.


The HR Library strives to promote a lifelong love of reading for the students.  Each fall the Library hosts the Scholastic Book Fair which is a popular time in the library.  The Library does provide a collection of instructional materials that support and contribute to the curriculum as well as class assignments, homework, and individual personal growth.  Students in Preschool through fifth grade attend Library once a week.  Sixth through eighth grade students utilize the Library as needed for additional support for their classwork and studies.

Physical Education

Students work on skill and fitness through play and games. Each lesson concentrates on a specific fitness aspect or specific skill and the lessons build on one another. The use of music makes the lessons fun and lively.