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Primary Grades K-2

Along with a rigorous classroom curriculum the following programs are used to enhance the educational experiences.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader is an individualized computer reading management program that encourages reading, increases reading comprehension and tracks progress. Students read books at their own reading level and are then tested on their comprehension of the books by taking the computer quizzes (usually in the library or their classrooms). The HR library provides the opportunity for students to take a quiz on books that are available to them including most purchased books.

Individual teachers determine what role AR plays in their classrooms. The HR Mothers’ Club supports the AR program with the STAR and License to Read programs done throughout the year.

Follow this link to AR Book Finder to search for Accelerated Reading material using the title, author, and/or reading level of a book:  AR Book Find

Follow this link to Renaissance Home Connect to look up the books that students have quizzed on and track the points they have earned:  

Accelerated Reader


Foreign Language

Spanish is offered at HRS as an introduction to foreign languages and cultures. The classes meet by homeroom for each language for one semester. The classes meet two times per week.

K-2 Guidance

Students have Guidance classes twice monthly. Classes focus on identifying feelings, friendship and empathy skills, heathy habits and personal safety through a variety of activities, games and programs and lessons.