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Middle School Grades 6-8

Along with a  1:1 laptop program and a rigorous classroom curriculum the following programs are used to enhance the educational experiences.

Accelerated Reader (AR)    

Accelerated Reader is an individualized computer reading management program that encourages reading, increases reading comprehension and tracks progress. Students read books at their own reading level and are then tested on their comprehension of the books by taking the computer quizzes (usually in the library or their classrooms). The HR library provides the opportunity for students to take a quiz on books that are available to them including most purchased books. Individual teachers determine what role AR plays in their classrooms.

Follow this link to AR Book Finder to search for Accelerated Reading material using the title, author, and/or reading level of a book:  AR Book Find

Follow this link to Renaissance Home Connect to look up the books that students have quizzed on and track the points they have earned:  

Accelerated Reader

CBHS 8th Grade Math

A before-school program sponsored by Christian Brothers High School, this is designed for eighth-grade boys to further their math education by getting an early start during their last year of middle school. Decisions on acceptance are made by CBHS using student’s standardized test scores and a written test.     

Elective Classes

Optional classes which include Art, Book Club, Computer, Maker Space, Music, PE, and Yearbook.

Foreign Language

Middle School Latin and Spanish is being offered as an introduction to a foreign language and culture. The foreign language program at HRS helps our students develop cognitive and intellectual skills as well as becoming more effective in the usage of English. 6th grade students take an introduction to Latin. The 7th grade chooses between French and Spanish and will continue for two years in the language of their choice. The use of an online text book gives the students the opportunity to experience history, geography, and to discover why foreign languages are spoken in the world through technology.


In middle school, students have classroom guidance lessons every other week. We discuss topics such as: study skills, bullying, social media, conflict resolution, careers, and safety through a variety of activities, games, and lessons. 


The mission of Holy Rosary School is to help students become lifelong learners through challenging lessons. Holy Rosary strives to continuously develop and grow the educational model of the school so that the children will be put in a position to be successful. Holy Rosary initiated a 1:1 laptop program in our 6th, 7th, & 8th grade classes. This provides learning opportunities for the students that go beyond the walls of the school in addition to preparing the students for high school. 


The Quest program is designed to provide learning opportunities for the academically talented/gifted student. This program is a supplement to the general classroom curriculum within the regular school day. The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Develop the students’ intellectual and creative abilities through challenging learning situations using a variety of processes and applications.
  • Provide learning activities to promote the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, independent research methods and investigations, and advanced communication skills.
  • Assist the students to become more independent and effective learners.
  • Nurture personal growth and skills of interaction and leadership.
  • Promote a lifelong love of learning.



Middle School Academic Competitions

  • Academic Team

  • Geography Bee


  • Spelling Bee

  • Wordsmith